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Malaysian Cinema Schedule. Be it TGV, GSC, Cathay.. all in here cinema online.

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This page is especially for the movie fans; here are all the latest reviews of movies and all the selections of the best movies compiled in a page! This page will be updated time to time.. itupun kalau aku ade mase!                               last updated: 7th June 99

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M A L A Y S I A   , K L,   April 20th 1999— I have been a movie fans since forever, i guess movies give me such an impact to my moods. I always find it fascinating each time i watch a high quality movie. Especially movies with good directing, acting, effects, storyline and everything. I also included some links to other movie sites, hope it will help you to find out more about your favourite movies, but i think all the best movies are all complete in my territory! Now.. let's shag it up!

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     WHATS NEW? POkemon? an adult or kids animation? Let's see the latest mission impossible poster. Have any idea what your best movie of the year would be? Sixth Sense. Fight Club aint that bad, i think that movie was pretty good. JAmes BOnd.. wow full with all the action you need. Pierce Brosnan played really good as spy 007 this time. Denise richards was phheeewww really goood in that short and tight t shirt.. Judi dench did justice to her role... this time M has been given more appearance. Except she did seem foolish in that cell. I think she should have be given some sophisticaed gadget rather than finding some batteries in clock watch. funny how director can think of that foolish scene. Then, Sophie was really good. The best bond girl character so far, and she acted good. Denise richards did seem like a bimbo but hell she looked nice in that outfit...

Do watch american beauty.. a great phycological story we had been waiting for. Spacey was really good in it. Acedemy should give attention to this one.

JULY: Wild Wild West" opens at #1 with $36.8 million. "Big Daddy" drops 1 spot with $26.4 million. Down from last weekend's $41.5 million. So, WWW and Adam Sandler's Big Daddy rules the grossing this week. I haven't watched both of them yet.. as soon as i seen it i'll put the reviews and more pictures of those movies..later on.

June 19th, Yep, Austin Powers are out and it went up to no. 1 spot with us$45 mil mark. I haven't got much time to update this page, I'll try to update it weekly, I've seen 'The Spy Who Shagged Me' and 'Notting Hill', see my reviews on that. Many recent movie posters are out, and I haven't upload it yet. Tarzan shall be out this week, I'll watch it later today. lucky thing it releases here as early as the primier in the States. So, for Malaysians, make sure u catch both the english and the Bahasa Melayu version. Amir Yusoff's voice as Tarzan and Ramonas's as Jane for the Malay version and Tony Goldwin as Tarzan and Minnie Driver as Jane for the English version. Till then, I'll update everything later. June 99:Now, we shall see Phantom menace continue to dominate in the box office. The records made by TPM were rather amazing. (check my star wars site for further infos). Occay, so, Entrapment and The Mummy are over, The Mummy did pretty good in the box-office. Now The month of June. We shall be looking forward for Julia Roberts' Notting Hill and a sci-fi thriller called The Thirteen Floor, then later watch Austin Power 2, shag baby shag, and Disney's much awaited Tarzan. Notting Hill seconded Star Wars with $27.8 mil. Its gross of $27.8 million was the best opening ever for a Julia Roberts movie. Her comedy ``My Best Friend's Wedding'' opened with $21.7 million over three days in 1997, while the comparable three-day figure for ``Notting Hill'' was $22.2 million.

what's in the Movies To Look Forward!
-News saying that James Cameron gonna come out with a new terminator, Terminator movie 3 is true?
-Joel Schumacher's Superman Reborn coming out?
-What happen when Freddie Kruger vs Jason ?
-When 3 horror movie collides (Scream,I Know What You Did Last Summer, Halloween, )
-Latest news on Star Wars Ep. 2 & 3
-Tomb Raider the movie: who'll play Lara?
-Indiana Jones 4?
-Jurassic Park 3 coming out in 2000?
-X-Men coming out? Who's directing? Who's playing?

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